Satisfying Core Electives

Satisfying Core Electives

The General Education Program at Westchester Community College is a core experience designed to empower students with broad foundational knowledge and transferable skills.  Core requirements align with 7 out of 10 SUNY General Education requirements.  The following is a select list of recommended courses you can take to fulfill your core requirements.  For a more comprehensive list of approved courses, visit the college webpage:

To Complete: Take:
Basic Communication ENG 101 Writing + Research
Humanities ENG 102 Writing + Literature
Mathematics MATH 116, 117,120, 130, 135, 135
Natural Science BIOL 115, PHYSC 129, 143, 151
Social Science ANTHRO 101, 102; GEOG 101; POLS 111; PSYCH 101: SOC 101, 103
Western Civ or American History HIS 104, 106, 101A, 102A;  HIS 112, 121, 133, 134, 110A; POLSC 102, 104, 107
Art, Language, or Other World Culture ART 107, 128, 109A; FILM 100; ANTHR 120, 210, 215H; HIS 119, 128, 129, 131; POLSC 113
Liberal Arts The liberal arts and sciences comprise the disciplines of the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences. Recommended Liberal ARts electives for Visual Arts majors include:  ART 107, 128, 109A; COMM 101; FILM 100

It is highly recommended that you meet with a full-time Visual Arts faculty member to help you plan your course of study.

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