Digital Filmmaking Certificate

The Certificate in Digital Filmmaking is designed for students who seek to develop professional expertise in digital film production and postproduction. The certificate is suited to individuals seeking to enhance their skills in an existing job or those looking to launch a career in film, television or advertising. Students will learn the latest software in state-of-the-art labs from working film professionals. Core courses provide students with a solid foundation in cinema history and theory, film aesthetics, screenwriting, camera operation, lighting, digital editing, and digital effects. Electives allow students to explore a variety of areas, including acting, stagecraft, computer animation, and motion graphics, in addition to an internship option.

Program Goal

To provide students with professional knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an entry level position in the film industry.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Create a film demonstrating understanding of narrative film language.
  2. Use knowledge of screenplay formatting and techniques to write a script.
  3. Create a film demonstrating ability write, plan, shoot, and edit a 5-minute film.
  4. Apply knowledge and skill s to a real world industry environment through a required internship.

Online Resources
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