Digital Art Certificate

The Digital Arts Certificate is a concentrated course of study designed for students interested in developing professional expertise in the field of digital art. Core classes provide a strong foundation in history, theory, and studio practice, including an introduction to basic software skills. Subject area electives allow students to explore a range of concentration areas, facilitating a cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional experience that reflects contemporary digital art and media production. A capstone course in Digital Arts Projects encourages an integrated approach to project conception and development, or can be substituted with an internship providing real world experience in the field. The Mentored Portfolio course focuses on portfolio development and career preparation.

Program Goals

  1. To provide students with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in the field of digital arts
  2. To prepare students for entry-level positions in digital arts professions

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of digital media tools
  2. Produce a range of finished pieces that demonstrate variety and versatility in the use of digital media tools
  3. Demonstrate strong understanding of design principles
  4. Demonstrate ability to use formal/technical skills to communicate a message or idea
  5. Assemble a portfolio of work that meets professional standards in terms of image quality, presentation, and appearance

Online Resources
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