A.A.S. Visual Arts


The Visual Arts Program at Westchester Community College is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year BFA or Liberal Arts program or to obtain entry-level positions in an arts-related career. Modeled on the “foundation” year taught at most four-year art schools, the curriculum provides a strong foundation in history, theory, and studio practice, establishing a basis for more concentrated study in selected areas of interest. The program encourages both breadth and depth, with a focus on preparing students for the rigorous demands of BFA degree programs and continued growth as professional artists and designers.

Program Goals

  1. To provide students with the foundation level knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an avocation or career in the visual arts, and/or to prepare students for successful transfer to a four-year BFA or Liberal Arts program

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the program students will

  1. Demonstrate skill in the use of drawing media and ability to translate observation to image
  2. Apply basic elements and  principles of design, with an emphasis on two-and three-dimensional design
  3. Apply color theory in the creation of successful color compositions
  4. Create self-directed/concept-driven works that communicate meaning/personal voice
  5. Speak and write critically about personal and peer artworks using art vocabulary
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of art historical and contemporary periods, movements, and styles, and familiarity with art historical terminology
  7. Assemble a portfolio of work suitable for academic transfer in digital and hard copy formats

Online Resources
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