What-is-Art-imageFor those of you that are intellectually curious, there is an Honors course being offered this Fall that might interest you.  Here is the info:

(PHIL 201H, 81052; transferrable humanities elective)
Dr. Dwight Goodyear
Fall 2016 Thursday 1:00-3:50

This class focuses on two difficult questions: What is art? And how can we rationally defend our evaluations of art? Our efforts in answering these questions will be guided by five philosophical theories of art: imitation, formalism, expression, instrumentalism, and institutional. Many diverse philosophers, artists, and works of art will be addressed, and illuminating connections to knowledge, morality, self, society, cosmos, and religion will be made. Along the way we will also investigate the nature of beauty, ugliness, taste, aesthetic experience, creativity, imagination, tragedy, comedy, the sublime, and the horror of the uncanny. Every class will discuss and apply theory to various films, works of music, and paintings. There will be a museum trip associated with the class.

Contact the instructor, or Honors Program Co-Directors to find out more:


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